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Erez Marom Photography

I attended the Greenland workshop in July 2023. I am a professional sports photographer, and I wanted to broaden my photographic horizons beyond news and sports. I had attended a landscape/wildlife workshop years ago that was not at all helpful or interesting. Erez’s workshop was the complete opposite. For starters, it is important to Erez that the workshop students understand the components of a good landscape photograph. He provides good critique sessions to further instruct students. He chooses locations that provide the best opportunities to succeed, and he makes sure that the students have a good experience. He communicates clearly from the outset, responds quickly to questions and does not use the workshop as an ego trip to showcase his own photos. The workshops are all about the students and ensuring that they learn in a welcoming environment. I never felt marginalized. I also had been worried about taking a workshop in a cold environment, but the boat we were on had a cabin, and I was never uncomfortable. Erez makes sure that the accommodations are satisfactory and pays attention to details with regard to providing a stress-free experience. He was enthusiastic and fun-loving throughout the week. I highly recommend him

Submitted by Margaret Bowles (USA) in October, 2023

My wife and I just returned from Erez’s Norway workshop in the incredible Lofoten Islands. I highly recommend this workshop for two compelling reasons. First of all, the Lofoten Islands are blessed with stunning breath taking beauty, especially in the winter. The location is a photographer’s paradise with plentiful and varied incredible shooting situations. But most important was our fearless guide Erez. Erez has vast knowledge of the Lofoten area and showed us many off the beaten track locations and the potential for unique shots available there. But even better, Erez spent 100% of his time sharing his vast and seasoned knowledge making us better photographers. My wife and I are not hugely experienced but Erez patiently worked with us to achieve incredible images that we are both so proud of. Beyond all the technical aspects of photography, Erez shared with us and instilled in us his philosophy for the art of the composition of the image. I believe that will be the most important take-away that will serve us dividends with all our future photographic adventures. All logistics of the trip were well thought out and went smoothly. All communication was prompt. All in all highly professional!
We will definitely do more workshops with Erez!

Submitted by Randy and Janelle Carroll (USA) in March, 2023

We were fortunate to attend a Lofoten workshop in Norway in the beginning in February 2023 with Erez. His passion and expertise, combined with a strong emphasis on compostion were instrumental to capturing fantastic images that we will be able to enjoy for a long time and to share with others not so privileged to travel to this beautiful part of the world.
Erez knows the locations of his workshops well and he has the ability to see beautiful landscape images in a way that is original and authentic.His workshops are well organized and create good photographic opportunities for all participants. We will definitely do more workshops with Erez in future, looking forward to grow as photographers under his experienced guidance. Highly recommend his workshops!

Submitted by Derek de Beer (South Africa) in February, 2023

I am a contractor/craftsman from The States. Photography has been a hobby and more recently a passion since I went to college for architecture. Landscape photography has always occurred as a real challenge for me, often overwhelming, and the shots I’ve taken often seemed to be missing something I couldn’t get my hands around. This (plus wanting to see the Aurora Borealis in person) had me participate in Erez’s Lofoten workshop. And it has been amazing.
Communication leading up to the workshop was professional and responses were prompt. Erez picked me up at the airport upon arrival and together with our small group proceeded to mine every bit of photogenic beauty and wonder out of this amazing place. His coaching and guidance around photography in general has been enlightening. He’s spent the time and done the thinking needed to put into words that which has eluded me about this art form. And our work in the field this week has made it real and accessible. He’s easy going, honest, approachable, gracious, dedicated, and passionate. It’s been a joy and a pleasure learning from him. I’m fully intending to do more of this learning and discovering with him on future workshops.

Submitted by Michael Jackson (USA) in February, 2023

I just returned from the Lofoten Islands workshop with Erez. The workshop experience was really unique, with a marked emphasis on composition, focusing on many of the precepts detailed in a series of Erez’s articles published in DPReview. Erez did not personally take photos and spent the whole time in the field looking through our viewfinders to critique and correct aspects of each participant’s composition. Subsequent laptop critiques emphasized the same points and did not pull any punches.

Despite challenging weather conditions (clouds, rain, sleet, wind), Erez was able to direct us to locations where we could make strong compositions. This allowed for artistic, as opposed to postcard images, and was very satisfying. I highly recommend his workshops

Submitted by Morris Swartz (USA) in February, 2023

I participated in Erez’s 2022 ‘Tales of Arctic Nights’ Greenland workshop. It was my first photography tour with Erez and it will certainly not be my last. Soon after I returned home from Greenland, I inquired about his future workshops.

I actually wasn’t planning to travel to Greenland in 2022. I was registered for a different photography workshop but it was cancelled only weeks before it was scheduled to start. So, I reached out to Erez (his Greenland workshop was plan B) and despite it being late in the booking process for his tour, he kindly and patiently worked with me. I felt welcomed from the start.

One of the highlights of his Greenland workshop was his earnest effort at making all the participants grow as visual storytellers. Erez was keenly interested in making all of us more cognizant and thoughtful photographers. This was evident before the workshop even started by the fact that he shared with us articles that he had written that review some key concepts in landscape photography. He wanted us to review these articles before the workshop started so that we all could hopefully “speak” in a common language as photographers. During the workshop, we returned again and again to the articles’ key ideas. We also met regularly to analyze and critique each other’s images. The peer reviews were very instructive.

If you want to be challenged and grow as a photographer while also staying in the best accommodations possible, then, look no further. Be ready for a memorable photography experience!

Submitted by Duane Bailey-Castro (USA) in September, 2022

After a long trip back home and a few days rest, I have finally had the opportunity of reviewing the pictures of Erez’ “Tales of Arctic Nights” Greenland workshop. Going over the pictures was the equivalent of living again a truly wonderful photo learning experience set in a unique landscape location.

This was my second workshop with Erez, the previous one being Lofoten, Norway, in winter, pre Covid days. As in the previous workshop, I was impressed with Erez’ detailed knowledge of all the variables that come into play so as to make the most of every photo situation presented to us. This speaks of a very thorough research, previous scouting, and a gut feeling for maximizing every opportunity, trademarks of Erez and his workshops.

I truly enjoyed the critique sessions, sometimes ruthless, but always useful and highly educational which served to push us beyond our area of comfort, to look and see “ outside the box”. Reviewing the pictures I definitely see that I have achieved a new level along the learning curve.

Looking forward to joining again and deciding among Erez’ future workshop offerings.

Submitted by Alejandro Furman (Chile) in August, 2022

Great photography workshop in a fabulous Greenlandic location. Shooting of impressive icebergs from sunset to sunrise along with amazing colors and lights. Limited number of participants on a speedboat. Families with some interest in photography are welcome.

We will no more look at landscapes without remembering the pertinent advices given by Erez during the critic sessions.

Submitted by Bernard Palate (France) in August, 2022

This was my third workshop with Erez and they have all been excellent. Professionally run, good training and feedback, and above all, you will come home with great images. Enthusiastic, highest recommendaions.

Submitted by Bruce Beron (USA) in August, 2022

Just got back from Erez’s Faroe Islands workshop. This was a destination on my “bucket list” and my expectations were exceeded. Having read all the previous testimonials, it is difficult to be original as I agree with all their sentiments.
We had a number of bad weather days, but through thoughtful planning (and a bit of luck) we were able to capture the iconic shots early on. Erez exhibits professionalism at every level; from the moment you sign up until the drop off at the airport. After signing up, he answered a myriad of my emails at lightning speed. This kind of availability is priceless. Does this man ever sleep? At the end of the workshop, Erez personally drove me to the airport, stopping on the way so I could capture superb drone shots of the western Faroes.
I have to agree with other attendees who have noted his attention to detail, safety and upbeat extrovert personality. His workshops are not your typical stroll in a National Park. He is a talented, award winning photographer whose work and workshops, gravitate to extreme, dynamic locations. You will not be disappointed.
Finally, one of the most worthwhile parts of the workshop was his critique of my shots at the end of the day. I plan on returning.

Submitted by Edward Lee (USA) in January, 2020

Never till now had I take a trip to a distant unknown destination alone. I dared it to Faroe Islands, in full winter too…! The experience rewarded my boldness. The group was small and the common interest to photography united us. Although we were not very lucky with the weather, Erez managed to make the most of it. Taking great care of our safety, drove us to incredible locations. The bad weather enhanced these moody sceneries. Erez guided us to make the right compositions and teach us what made a good composition. You could see his professionalism in everything. From the trip organisation and the handling of the different characters of the group, to the results of the workshop: A bunch of very good pics for every one of us. I dream of my next workshop with him.

Submitted by Olympia Valla (Greece) in January, 2020

Erez seems to live under a lucky star. Pair this with his infectious enthusiasm for all things worldly, his art, as well as his attention to his clients’ wellbeing, and you can expect a unique workshop with likeminded people under the most exceptional circumstances. I savoured every moment of this adventure. Erez warrants tutoring at every occasion and in the field, critique sessions and an ever present smile.

Submitted by Osman Gungen (Turkey) in December, 2019

The best testimony for Erez is my attendence of all his existing workshops by year 2020 and am looking forward to join his future workshops with new destinations. I started to attend his workshop about two yea’s ago and continue to attend one after another. The value Erez offers is taking you to the right place at the right time and right moment and leaving the rest to your imagination and creation of light work. I am fully confident about Erez’s knowledge, experiences and expertise leading the workshops to achieve my photography goal.

Submitted by Dong Chen (USA) in December, 2019

The recent photographic workshop in Ethiopia with Erez was epic. At the beggining I had doubts about the places we were going to visit but everything was perfectly coordinated and the times were excellent. I am not an advanced photographer and I certainly learned many things and applied other techniques that were unknown fields to me. It is certainly not a trip with “commodities” but if you have an adventurous spirit and want to know wonderful places this is “the trip”. Erez pushes you to go beyond the limit to find the perfect shot. It causes you to improve yourself every time you put your eye on the camera; he is a professional and talented guy. At temperatures above 40 degrees and altitudes from -100 to 3,000 meters the group’s performance was always positive with laughs to the fullest. We were always accompanied by guides and guards who made us feel comfortable and confident. High forests, salt flats, areas eroded by eons of years, volcanoes and more gave us the opportunity to grow a lot in photographic techniques. Worth every cent spent on the trip. Highly recommended.

Submitted by Gerardo Gomez P Pickering (Mexico) in December, 2019

I attended the Ethiopia Workshop with Erez in December 2019. Doing to the Danakil and especially the Erta Ale volcano has long been on my bucket list.

It was clear from the start that this is not going to be an easy trip. And Erez war also quite clear about it. There was no doubt that we will travel to one of the most extreme places on earth. With little to no infrastructure and within a very poor country. Erez made sure that we were given the best shooting conditions possible. Everything that all that could be anticipated had been taken into account to make the trip as smooth as possible. This covered the organisation of local guides, cars, transfers etc.

As for the workshop side, Erez did advocate a brutal selection process. He did not hesitate to constructively criticize your work in order to make you a better photographer. This helped a lot to reflect your own work and adjust during the workshop.

Overall this workshop was an extreme adventure with amazing photography opportunities and I can only recommend this one to future participants.

Submitted by Daniel Haussmann, Germany in December, 2019

I was part of the group led by Erez on the “Tales of Arctic Nights” workshop in July 2019. I can strongly recommend this trip especially if you have never been to the Arctic before. It was a wonderful experience and provided very many excellent photographs by my standard, which is that of a very keen amateur. You would not need to be an experienced photographer however to fully appreciate this trip and indeed you will learn a great deal. Erez is of course an excellent landscape and nature photographer and he will do his very best to impart to you the key ingredients of a really good image of this kind. The messages were repeated as we went along and you won’t forget them!

Erez was always available for advice when we were out on the water and conducted some one to one critiques at the hotel to help improve your images which was very helpful. The boat was first class and the evenings in the bay were quite magical at times. Some of the icebergs were fantastic. We were fairly lucky on this trip in having an up close humpback whale encounter which was thrilling and produced some great images. There was also some fun and games with drone photography (including losing Erez’s drone temporarily on an iceberg!) so if that’s your thing there is scope to practice and learn.

Erez had clearly put a lot of planning into the trip and it showed with how well everything panned out. The group dynamics were excellent and all in all it was a trip I certainly won’t forget. As well as the photography I have learned a lot about life in Greenland and have a much greater appreciation of the environmental issues, not least climate warming and the ice melt.

Submitted by Alan Jones (Scotland) in October, 2019

I recently spent a week in Lofoten, Norway with Erez Marom. He is a gifted and passionate photographer who believes strongly in helping others learn to “see” balanced compositions in the field.
On a workshop with Erez, be prepared to be challenged. He rarely takes time to create his own photographs, he is truly interested in his participants learning and shooting the best images possible. His extensive background in photography and art help to define how he teaches. I learned to “see” volumes and shapes I never noticed before, and how to apply my own vision to them in camera and in post production.
His logistics timing from hotel choice to site locations was perfect and well researched.
Erez is a delightful and engaging person, with great sense of humor. Just following his facebook page is fun, he travels to so many unique places. I look forward to the next workshop I will take with him!

Submitted by Emily Cook (USA) in June, 2019

I recently participated in a workshop in the Lofoten Islands, Norway organized by Erez Marom. I selected Erez for this workshop based on two criteria:

- The multitude of highly positive reviews from photographers who had participated in previous workshops.
- The quality and creativity of his own photography on display on his website and FB page.

Well, the trip rocked. It goes without saying that the Lofoten Islands are unique and beautiful in winter. The weather owns the playground - you make plans, but then Life happens. Erez proved to be a master in adapting to the unpredictable weather, and the changing landscape under a heavy burden of snow. His deep knowledge and contacts in the area really made a difference which I am certain most guides could not match: We never missed a day’s shooting - he found new and beautiful opportunities again and again, and I came away with a satisfying portfolio of landscapes that I will treasure.

The accommodation and food were excellent, the company of the small group of other photographers was interactive and stimulating, and I learned from every one who was there.

Erez is patient and persistent in imparting his personal knowledge of composition and technique. I came away with new insight and structure in the way I look at landscapes, and I am sure that this will benefit my own work long into the future.

Highly recommended without reservation. I will look to accompany Erez on several new adventures in the future!

Submitted by Peter Kingma (USA) in April, 2019

Our group has just finished the “Northern Spirits” Lofoten Islands workshop and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this trip!

I found Erez via Instagram, and after navigating a bit through his photos I understood straight away that he was offering a different experience than any other workshop I had checked before. For your reference, this was my first Photo Workshop and traveling solo, and despite feeling a bit intimidated when I signed up, it was certainly not the case when I got there. No matter how old you are, female or male, in couple or solo, you’ll surely enjoy this trip.

Everything is very well organized, from the accommodation, transportation, to the destinations we visited. One important thing that I valued is the realistic perspective from Erez, he has a strong sense of what’s worth visiting and when it should be done depending on the weather conditions. As a great leader, he helped us reflect on what good compositions are and guided us to achieve great shots. Erez will give you space to experiment but you are never alone in the learning process. The rest of the group was the perfect mix of people, making the experience even more enjoyable.

I 100% recommend you to sign up to any of his workshops - I am already planning the next one!

Submitted by Laura Arnejo Barrenengoa (Spain) in April, 2019

I attended Erez’ photography trip to Namibia during the spring of 2018 and had a wonderful trip. The itinerary was thoughtfully planned out, with good lodging and food. More importantly, Erez was a great guide and teacher - he has a fantastic eye, and was always willing to help you find a great composition for the shot, while always explaining what he was looking for when providing guidance. In an ideal world we would have had more time for editing/feedback on our shots, but given how far we’d all travelled, it made sense to focus on capturing the great landscapes in front of us. Erez’ sense of humor and positivity helped create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for us travel in, and the group was small so he was able to offer personalized attention to everyone. The highlight was definitely the helicopter ride we took over Sossusvlei, which I highly suggest doing if you go (there’s a small extra cost). The only additional area I would have liked to have done as part of the trip was the Skeleton coast, but also understand that would have added significant time and cost. Overall, even though the trip isn’t cheap, it’s a great experience and I definitely recommend it. I’m hoping to go on more of Erez’ trips in the future!

Submitted by Edward Wexler-Beron (USA) in January, 2019

I decided to attend Erez’s Faroe Islands workshop because it was the only one that offered most of all the fantastic locations on the itinerary. This was the first time for me on workshop and I didn’t know what to expect, it turned out to be one of my most memorable photography trips ever.
Erez’s knowledge of the Faroe Islands was top-notch, on our daily journeys, he did know exactly where to shoot and when to get the best light. He also was very open for new locations suggestions and always had a second plan in case of bad weather. During the shooting he was very helpful and thanks him, I was able to improve my composition techniques.
In one week we were able to get epic pictures and we had a very funny time with the group. It basically doesn’t get much better then this, If you are looking for a professional guide don’t look any further and join one of Erez’s workshops.

Submitted by Sandro Bisaro (Italy) in December, 2018

Erez’s Faroe Islands workshop was simply great. We covered much of the various islands to fully capture and appreciate its beauty. Erez was passionate about making sure we were in the right area and the right time for the best lighting to get the best possible photograph. His knowledge and enthusiasm helped make the trip very successful and enjoyable. I would highly recommend his workshops to anyone wanting to learn and come back with impressive photos.

Submitted by Larry Malvin (USA) in November, 2018

I just finished the “Saga of the Seas” and extension on the Faroe Islands with Erez. Shooting the stark and moody landscapes that these islands present is a mind blowing experience. If you have a drone, then this is the place to fly and photograph.The drone adds an extra dimension in capturing these islands from the air.

Erez is a very knowledgeable and experienced guide, and he has worked the Faroe Islands many times. Changes in weather were not a problem as the itinerary and destinations were easily massaged to provide different areas to shoot. Each island provides different topography, and the weather conditions offer a potpourri of challenging and rewarding opportunities. Erez is at your side to offer instruction in the many nuances of landscape photography, helping you to capture unforgettable images.

These islands are almost prehistoric in their scope and history. It is a bucket list destination and Erez is the man to guide you there.

Submitted by Kevin Sullivan (Australia) in November, 2018

I attended Erez’s workshop ‘Tales of Arctic Nights’ Greenland Summer Photo workshop this summer, 2018. The trip was awesome. Erez chartered a luxury boat and crew that took us to the best locations that offered the best light for Arctic photography. He offered some critique sessions that were helpful when we had some down time, but the major impetus of the workshop was to allow us to get experience shooting the amazing Arctic scenery. The whole experience was unforgettable! I’d highly recommend this workshop!

Jim Beatty
Atlanta, GA

Submitted by Jim Beatty (USA) in September, 2018

I went on Erez’s ‘Tales of Arctic Nights’ Greenland Summer Photo Workshop in summer of 2018 and could not have been happier. Accommodations were very nice and beyond my expectations. The boat that we used was very fast which allowed us to cover long distances and seek out faraway icebergs all the while making the most of the peak light hours. Erez also has an amazing eye for composition and so he skillfully directed the helmsmen in just the right position so that we were not just taking two dimensional shots of icebergs; we had proper foreground interest. Erez also spent a lot of time explaining his nuanced understanding of composition in a way that was quite enlightening to me. It was valuable stuff! Another observation that I had was that even though it was my first workshop with Erez, he had many return customers in my group! That alone says something! I think Erez’s easygoing manner, positive attitude, and sense of humor made for a warm atmosphere and collegial environment. And I came away with shots that I absolutely love! What else can I ask for? Highly recommended!

Submitted by Tony Le (USA) in August, 2018

We had a wonderful photo tour of Ilulissat with Erez - the itinerary, the group, and the leader (Erez) were superb. I’ll comment on all three.

1) The itinerary

This is an Iceberg trip - 4 of the 5 nights were boat excursions photographing icebergs. There were a few other events - a visit to an Inuit settlement, a walk thru Ilulissat, and an evening hike to a fjord. Only the first 2 of these were daytime events.
The icebergs - WOW ! The great unknown is the weather - and we did well. In my opinion, 2 of the nights were fantastic - the best being a clear sky with a full moon. We boarded the boat at 1 am and returned at 5 am. The other night which I loved had a threatening sky with a few rain drops. The background was fantastic. The remaining nights were fun as well.
When we reached an “interesting” iceberg, Erez asked the ship’s captain to slow down (go very slow) and circle the iceberg several times - so we had 360 degree views of the iceberg.
Our mornings were usually down time - relax, sleep, etc. The 2 daytime “shoots” were in the afternoon. We had one “critique” session - dealing with composition - very low-key and helpful.
The physical demands on the attendees was minimal - no subzero temperatures or biting wind, no difficult terrain on our night hike.

2) The group

A warm, caring group of individuals. Lots of laughs especially at dinner. Very important (in my opinion), 4 of the 9 participants were returnees - having attended prior “Erez” workshops.

3) Erez was a great leader. He was well prepared - having spent many hours scouting Ilulissat. He had great rapport with the hotel staff and the captain of our ship. Erez made it look easy - but you know that he had spent much time with the other folks responsible for our trip. Erez is a “people” person - and provided a comfortable setting for us all. When I first contacted Erez, I had many questions about airlines, etc - what was the most convenient way for me to get to Ilulissat, we had several email exchanges. His info was very helpful.

4) As for Erez’s photographic skills, I’ll let his images speak for themselves.

Submitted by Andy and Shirley Brown (USA) in August, 2018

I was initially attracted by Erez’s amazing pictures on the internet and I decided to join his Lofoten Island workshop during February 2018 with my wife.
The trip went beyond my expectation. Erez offered me high standard professional advice in landscape composition, scouting techniques, the chase of lights and the fast ways to get into the field.
The diversity of shots including shooting at the golden hours, amazing aerial shots (which one must try) and the enthusiastic approach to shoot Aurora at the middle of night made my trip a fruitful and an enjoyable one. The suggestions in choosing and deleting appropriate pictures and the additional tutorials on the post processing did take me to a next level.
My wife, though she is not a keen photographer, enjoyed much in making her drone shots. She was pleased as well since there was great food offered at the accommodation.

Thank you Erez! I am planning to join his workshops on winter Iceland, Namibia and Greenland when time allows.

Victor Wong & Rita from Hong Kong

Submitted by Victor Wong (Hong Kong) in July, 2018

I had been looking forward to going on a photography trip to Namibia for a while, and I’m very glad that I did so with Erez. Erez was very hands on and a great instructor. He also purposefully keeps the group size small in order to maximize one on one time.
Upon arriving at a location, we would scout it with him and he would communicate his thought process on what made a good or bad composition so we knew not only what to look for but why we were looking for it. He continued his instruction throughout our shooting providing tips and constructive criticism on our compositions.
I feel that my skills at composing a good composition have significantly improved. I definitely plan on attending one of his future workshops as well!

Submitted by Jonathan McWillie (USA) in June, 2018

Just completed two back-to-back workshops with Erez in Lofoten Islands, Norway. Couldn’t be happier with my choice and can highly recommend him if you are seriously interested in carrying your landscape photography to the next level. Keeping always a flexible approach as to itinerary and basing his location calls on the basis of subject, weather, clouds, time of day, quality of light, etc… helped as all in being at the right spot at the correct time.
Since Erez is rarely taking pictures for himself he is permanently concentrating on you, the client, explaining his approach and vision, composition, desired effects, etc. in a consistent way that will remove you from your usual “comfort zone”. And the results will show up immediately. I think my best compliment to Erez is that I have already signed up for his two Iceland workshops in January 2019.

Submitted by Alejandro Furman (Chile) in March, 2018

I was very happy with Erez’s Lofoten Islands workshop. There were endless beautiful sceneries on those islands, and Erez simply knows every corner there. I learnt a lot about technique and composition from Erez. In my group, I was the only new member, the others joined his workshop previously. That’s how i knew i was in good hands when I arrived. I am looking forward to join his other workshop in the future!

Submitted by Ellies Kiswoto (Indonesia) in February, 2018

Lofoten at winter was a dream coming true for me as a photographer. The unique and distinct arctic scenery coupled with an endless hours of the most amazing light makes this experience unforgettable. I cannot understate my gratitude for Erez for making the most of this experience, both photographically and operationally. Erez has a very well thought out strategy and technique for taking landscape photographs, he is a top end pro. Being a photographer for the last twenty years, I still came out learning substantial new techniques and more specifically a whole new way of looking at the way I compose. The trip itself was also executed flawlessly - Erez has the talent to make the most of time, and outsmart the elements, always identifying the right time and location for getting the light…this talent is a make or break for such a trip. Highly recommended, this is as good as it gets.

Submitted by Ofir Oron (Israel) in May, 2017

Thank you, Erez, for an incredible week spent in the most incredible locations in the Lofoten Islands, Norway! Despite some early-week weather challenges, Erez took us to locations that suited and maximized “finding the right light” for our photos. Erez took advantage of the poor weather one afternoon by holding an impromptu critique session which was really helpful in continuing to understand good composition. Most importantly, Erez taught me a new way to look at my landscape compositions both in the critique session and in the field. I learned something new every day, and feel that I came away from the week a better photographer than when I started. Not only that, but Erez was a fun leader and this showed in our group dynamic throughout the week with a lot of laughter! The small group size was also perfect. I would highly recommend Erez and hope to join another workshop soon!

Submitted by Sarah Porter (Canada) in February, 2017

Amazing destinations in a magical season - the otherworldly Icelandic landscape is at its best in the heart of winter! Throwing in the spectacular Aurora and you have an epic photo adventure! I’m glad I did the South and North Iceland workshops. Erez, with his trademark luck, always take you to the right place at the right time under great light. If you want memories (and memory cards) filled with amazing photos, this is the adventure to be!
Highly recommended.

Submitted by Eric Chen (USA) in February, 2017

One of my photographic passions is landscape photography, and that’s is why I chose to join Erez’s south Iceland worksho. And what a workshop it was. Of course, Iceland is beautiful, but Erez took it to a new level. The patience, the new techniques, the wealth of knowledge made this workshop a unique experience for me.
I highly recommend Erez’s workshops to anybody who wants to upgrade his/her photographic capabilities and visit fascinating, unique and beautiful places. I for sure am going to join more of his workshops in the future.

Submitted by Lior Ron (Israel) in February, 2017

I just completed two workshops with Erez (South Iceland and North Iceland) and they were very enjoyable. In particular, Erez had offered to help participants on whatever was needed so I did ask him to help on my weak points. He was very diligent throughout about advising me and my wife on the areas we had mentioned were our different weak points. I really appreciated that; I am confident I will make better images in future because of his help and instruction on these two workshops. We are definitely hoping we’ll be able to attend more workshops with Erez, he certainly has many we’d love to be on.

Submitted by Brent Thompson (USA) in January, 2017

I recently participated in Erez’s ‘Land of Ice’ South Iceland winter photo workshop. The personal instruction, the shooting locations, and the attention to detail were amazing. The workshop was well organized and took us to remote locations in Iceland where we weren’t bothered by hoards of tourists. The “super jeep” ride to a pristine glacier where we photographed beautiful ice caves was particularly memorable. I also loved our professionally guided trek across a glacier, crampons and all, to photograph the “Waterfall Ice Caves”. Even though I am a beginner photographer, Erez and Arnar, his assistant, gave me personal instruction on how to take great landscape photographs. I learned so much about landscape photography during this workshop. I can’t wait to participate in another one. I definitely would recommend Erez’s workshops to photographers of all skill levels.

Jim Beatty, M.D.
Atlanta, GA

Submitted by James Beatty (USA) in January, 2017

I’ve attended the ‘Tales of Arctic Nights’ workshop in Greenland with Erez and I’ve had a fantastic time. This tour specifically is suitable for people who are really into photography. Meeting people with the same passion in such a beautiful setting is awesome.
Due to the 22 hours of light, the human body will react to this and you absolutely have to take your rest during the day. Since you do your shooting during the night, there is quite a bit of downtime so you have to take this into account as well and be prepared. If you prepare yourself for these things, you will be rewarded with fantastic soft light, landscapes of icebergs and very nice - and colorful - sunsets and sunrises just an hour or two apart.
Erez is a very nice guy and takes composition really seriously. He will assist you in the field so you will certainly come back with thrilling pictures. A must do workshop for serious photographers!

Submitted by Michael Krijnen (Holland) in August, 2016

I attended the ‘Giants of the Andes’ Patagonia workshop with its annex led by Erez and Andrew. I have to say that I was impressed by the level of professionalism of this team!

Erez’ proposal was a perfectly well balanced workshop on all level: the balance between Argentina and Chile locations, the balance between nights in camp tents and nice hotels to recover, the balance between intensive shooting sessions and quality time to relax with the group. Erez and Andrew pay a special attention to their customers in the field, giving the appropriate level of technique advice.
I really appreciate Erez’ customer focus and is constantly willingness to answer as much as possible relevant requests. This workshop was overall a great experience on a photographic but also on a personal level!

Submitted by Jean-Francois Chaubard (France) in May, 2016

I’ve Had a great time at the Giants of Patagonia workshop with Erez Marom and Andy Waddington! The locations were jaw dropping and I definitely took some of my all time favourite shots on location! Both Erez and Andy always made themselves available for help on composition and technique and I look forward to meeting up with the two of them again soon!

Submitted by Sashidharan Rajamahendran (Sri Lanka) in April, 2016

I just wanted to say thanks for a great experience. I learned so much on your Patagonia workshop and had a lot of fun doing it. You and Andy did a great job of scouting & getting us to the best locations. Once there you gave us the freedom to find our own images while always being available with support and advice. I loved our lodgings too. The settings were ideal and the meals were often memorable. Perfect for kicking back and enjoying the camaraderie of the group after a long day of shooting. I’ve been back for two weeks now and I’m still busy processing photos and discovering new images I can’t wait to share. I look forward to traveling with you again someday.

Submitted by Honora Bauman (USA) in April, 2016

I was with Erez in Patagonia during his “Giants of the Andes” Patagonia workshop and the Fitz Roy Hiking Annex from 3/27/16 - 4/9/16. I have attended other photography workshops, but this was my first workshop with Erez. Several things stood out with me about Erez Marom. One, the safety and comfort of his workshop participants was foremost on his mind, and wherever we went, I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. As much as was possible, we stayed in very nice hotels and ate good food. Two, Erez was hands on throughout the workshop. He was present in the field and going from photographer to photographer giving tips on composition, choice of focal length, etc. Three, he stressed the importance of composition in the field and fidelity to the actual scene when it comes to post processing, something that may not be true nowadays with all photography workshops.

Finally, lest you think I am just another satisfied workshop participant writing an easy testimonial after having been to such an amazing location as Patagonia, let me say that the true mark of a person’s integrity and professionalism is revealed not when things are going well, but when things are going south. During the Annex portion of the workshop, through no fault of his own, an unexpected issue came up that had the potential to seriously impact our workshop experience. But Erez confronted the issue with such honesty, earnestness, and sincerity that he more than made up for it. At the end of the day, the litmus test for how I really feel about Erez can be answered by the question, “Would I be willing to spend my hard earned time and money to attend another workshop with him?” Absolutely!

Submitted by Hilton Chen (USA) in April, 2016

Erez’s Land of Ice workshop was the first photography workshop I’ve ever done, and it was an amazing experience! The locations were beautiful, and I was very happy with the time we spent at each of them. The whole week was wonderfully planned, from the shooting locations, to two seats a person on the bus, to the delicious food and comfortable accommodations. We even had some useful lectures about post-processing! All in all, it was a blissfully hassle-free week of photographing the beautiful landscapes, and making new friends. I can hardly wait to return next year for the Winter Paradise workshop! :)

Submitted by Taru Tarnanen (Finland) in February, 2016

Just returned from three consecutive workshops (two in Iceland, one in Norway) for the entire month of January, that were led by Erez. These encompassed extraordinary landscapes that included icebergs, waterfalls, ice caves, numerous Aurora Borealis nights and more. I captured wonderful images, sharpened my photographic skills and was introduced to improvements in my Photoshop techniques. Erez planned meticulously to take us to great sites and to do so under optimal conditions. And this was more than a typical photo tour, it was a winter adventure. As a 79-year-old, it was at times more physically challenging than for much younger participants, but Erez gave me a helping hand and was particularly focused on safety for all. In short, a wonderful experience for which I am very grateful.

Submitted by Stephen Handley (USA) in February, 2016

After having participated in last year’s ‘Land of Ice’ workshop, this year I decided to change country and for my second workshop with Erez I signed up for ‘Northern Spirits’ in the Lofoten Islands. Different country, different co-guide but same great story: during this workshop we got the chance to discover, under the dedicated guidance of Erez and Daniel, a small yet awesome part of Arctic Norway with the same excellent mentality and organization I experienced last year in Iceland. Locations, food and accommodations were amazing, giving you the feel of living in a fairy tale for a week, especially during the three days spent in the Reine area, where you should be prepared for a visit from a giant troll during the night spent in the traditional red cabins of Eliassen Rorbuer (my cabin mate Matt knows what I’m talking about …)!
I spent another really wonderful and unforgettable week, having the chance of meeting new great people and shooting with them, being accompanied by these two wonderful professional photographers, who are above all two amazing and friendly guys. Believe me, being out in the field with professionals and having the opportunity of being guided by them and seeing them work makes a huge difference. Granted you pay a price for all this but I think that if you want to improve your photographic skills this is the way to go and it is most definitely worth it. Thanks again for the wonderful time spent together and the amazing memories and photos I brought home. You can see images from the trip on my Facebook page.

Submitted by Lorenzo Riva (Switzerland) in February, 2015

I’ve had the pleasure to attend the ‘Land of Ice’ workshop with Erez. To say it was wonderful and life changing would be a great understatement.
Not only did I get to see beautiful Iceland but I got to photograph it with a photographer who I have been a fan of for a while now. Erez taught me so much and I walked away learning so many new techniques and now have wonderful photographs to be proud of. This trip was a life changer. I got to live and breathe photography and experience Iceland like no one has before. I have made lifelong friends from this trip and it will be one of the those moments you get in life that you will never forget. Thanks also to Iurie.. You’re a wonderful guide and together with Erez you made this one of the best trips I’ve ever had. My stomach still hurts from all the laughs and fun! I look forward to many more workshops together. If you’re thinking about doing a workshop with Erez.. Stop thinking. Book now.

Submitted by Melinda Tran (Australia) in February, 2015

The “Winter Paradise” workshop was my first ever photo-workshop. For quite some time I had been interested in Iceland’s winter countryside, and Erez and his concept were exactly what I was looking for. The selection of the locations, the accomodations and the food are excellent and highly recommended. Erez and Iurie add a great photographic value and are also concerned with security, so you feel always well looked after. We spent 9 wonderful days with with unfogettable moments on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.
Erez is a perfectionist, he offers the best conditions at the locations for his workshop participants.I had the perfect atmosphere and conditions allowing me to better pursue my photographic passion.

Submitted by Markus Van Hauten (Germany) in February, 2015

Wow! Iceland was truly the trip of a lifetime! We were in awe from start to finish. We couldn’t get over the impact of the history and beauty of this wonderful country. Every day was unbelievable. This was our first trip overseas together and it was more than we could ever have imagined.
We’ve attended both the North and South Iceland workshops. The tours and daily schedule were planned to perfection. Our guides Erez and Iurie were extremely knowldgeable and were very friendly and welcoming. Perfect for spending 2 weeks together. The accommodations were excellent, comfortable and perfectly located. There was enough allocated spare time for reshooting locations again if the weather was not great the first time. I think this was very important, allowing us to get a good sunrise or sunset at the major locations that we would have missed if we only had time to visit each place once. Erez and Iurie made sure everyone was happy and got great shots.
To shoot with professional photographers who can guide you and help you get the best out of each location with your own photography is invaluable. To see such amazing locations under professional guidance is highly recommended. Not only were the locations amazing, but the journey out to them as well.The super jeep rides were amazing, so much fun! We are both still on a high and we thank you for your knowledge and expertise in planning such a wonderful trip.

Submitted by Sarah Morphett and Matthew Milgate (Australia) in February, 2015

I attended Erez Marom’s “Winter Paradise” North Iceland workshop in January 2015. I’m a 22 year old amateur photographer and I live in Iceland. I have travelled to many places in Iceland, but it was completely different under the professional guidance of Erez Marom and Iurie Belegurschi. They were both very well organized and knew exactly what they were doing. Erez had a great desire to help all the participants to get the best possible photos. He´s a very talented photographer and his eye for composition and timing of the light source was very precise. In this workshop I got to know new people all with the same passion for photography that made the atmosphere very comfortable. The accommodations and meals were unbelievably good, so you will not have to worry about that.

All the locations were well picked, especially the amazing super-jeep trip to Aldeyjarfoss waterfall. As an Icelander, I could not be happier with this workshop and how successful it was for me. Erez has without a doubt inspired me to a whole new level as a photographer. Erez, thank you very much for our time together in Iceland and your help and insight throughout the trip. I hope to have the opportunity to participate again in one of your workshops in the near future.

Submitted by Ingimar Þórhallsson (Iceland) in February, 2015

The pre-workshop guidance, organization, itinerary, and execution of the ‘Land of Ice’ workshop led by Erez and Iurie were spot-on. What impressed me most was their accessibility and responsiveness. Erez and Iurie, both very fine photographers, cater to the needs of their clients first and foremost. This type of interaction affords the client the opportunity to improve his/her photography skills and to get some fine photos. The workshop was very enjoyable with a diverse group of friendly, talented participants. This was my first workshop with Erez and Iurie. It will not be my last.

Submitted by Carl Zanoni (USA) in January, 2015

These days photography enthusiasts pay a lot of money to participate in organized photography workshops. Thus, they can and do expect a lot: Perfect organization, very good hotels, excellent food, security and of course to be at the right hot spots at the right time. In addition, I wanted to learn how to improve photography. If you expect similar things and like the shots of the instructors, then I can strongly recommend the ‘Land of Ice’ workshop by Erez and Iurie. Although the weather conditions were sometimes difficult during our workshop, our instructors managed it to make it a wonderful experience. I can definitely recommend everyone to ask them as many questions as possible and actively use the time. The outcome is very much dependent on your own engagement. I enjoyed the time a lot, have made new friends and have created moments of long lasting memories.

Submitted by René Algesheimer (Switzerland) in January, 2015

My first photography workshop ever was with Erez in Iceland (Land of Ice). One week of doing what I like most, under professional guidance, in a country I had been wanting to visit for decades. We visited some fantastic spots, Jökulsarlón maybe obvious, but others were gems I would never have found myself. Following the easily understandable tips I was able to shoot not just memories but pictures that got recommended in a national nature photography contest. We did not just follow a given plan but rather tried to get the best of the given weather conditions, every day. That includes e.g. an introduction to Photoshop the only afternoon we had some rain. Or going out in the night for a chance of northern lights, the most fantastic natural phenomenon I ever witnessed. Thanks a lot for all these experiences. Read more on

Submitted by Marco Nef (Switzerland) in July, 2014

The Land of Ice workshop that I was a part of in Jan 2014 was an unforgettable experience. Iceland is everything that you read about: breathtaking, haunting, beautiful, surreal, otherworldly. This tour is an amazing way to sample the southern coast of the island. Led by the fantastic Erez Marom, and his equally talented co-guide Iurie, the entire trip was expertly planned and executed. His emails were always timely and professional. His communication earned my trust before the trip even started. With a strong instructor to participant ratio, Erez was always willing to spend dedicated time with the participants. The logistics of the trip was stellar. All of the travelling, accommodations, and meals were as good as one could expect. I still talk about the Arctic Char I had at Hali!!!

The photo sites were truly awesome! The key part of this workshop is that everything is planned so that you get to these amazing places at the right time, in a safe and efficient manner. Even if you explore all these places on your own, you won’t have the benefit of working with Erez, or the company of your fellow photographers. I owe much of my positive experiences to the incredible people I met. (You know who you are, so thank you!!)

You’ll only get as much out of the workshop as you put into it. My advice is to be proactive and engage Erez and other participants in discussion. The opportunity to expand your photography and make new friends is tremendous, and that is going to make your trip unforgettable. Another bit of advice: buy the boots and crampons in Iceland. They are better than anything I could find locally in Canada, and you wear them everyday. I had a fantastic time and I would not hesitate to join Erez on another trip in the future.

Submitted by Ryan Tsang (Canada) in July, 2014

I had such a great time in Erez’s Land of Ice and Winter Paradise workshops.
First and foremost the choice of shooting locations were impeccable. We were always at the right place at the right time with the right light. Needless to say I got plenty of magnificent photos from the trip.
Erez is extremely passionate about what he does, and very attentive to the participants. He is knowledgeable with plenty of great suggestions on compositions, lighting, post-processing as well as general tips for shooting in extreme weather conditions. His ability to tailor his advice to suit each individual is also worth mentioning.
Few will doubt Erez as a perfectionist. From the variety of shooting locations to the comfortable accommodation, the amazing food(!!!) and the 2-seats per person bus arrangement (absolutely crucial for us photo gear-heads), the workshops were meticulously planned down to every last detail. The fact that that Erez is an energetic and fun person to travel with only adds to the already great experience.
I have to thank Erez for an amazing shooting experience in Iceland. Will I join other Erez Marom workshops in the future? You bet I will! :)

Submitted by David Wong (Hong Kong) in July, 2014

Erez Marom’s Winter Paradise workshop was the first photography workshop I have done. The whole tour was brilliantly organised, from the locations we shot, to the very comfortable accommodation, to the amazing food, and even our transport - two seats each on a bus - was great. Erez’s co-guide Arnar, and the bus driver Þórður were both excellent choices, each having plenty of experience in their respective fields. Erez and Arnar were both very approachable, and happy to answer any questions we had. Even though I was disappointed with the weather on a couple of nights, all in all I had a great time, and if you want to see Northern Iceland with the guidance of an accomplished landscape photographer or two, I would strongly recommend this workshop.

Submitted by Phil Temple-Watts (Australia) in June, 2014

The workshop far exceeded my expectations - great locations and great organisation - without question I will be back!

Submitted by Alan O’Malley (Ireland) in May, 2014

‘Winter Paradise’ is the best landscape photography workshop which I have attended so far. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every moment of the workshop.
Highlights of the trip:
Communication: Erez is very prompt in responding, either be it mails or be it requests during workshop. Prior to workshop, he was patient enough to respond to 20+ emails on winter gear, camera gear and visa documents. I found him very approachable and very helping throughout. He takes extra effort in giving detailed response when it comes to photography techniques and points to his earlier articles on these subjects.
Location and guidance: Specific to “winter paradise”, Erez had extensively scouted the region so that participants get “WOW” pictures. He and his co-guide provided excellent photography guidance which was primarily into composition. This helped me to get better pictures. Beware, at few locations, you need to be physically fit to climb up the steep trail.
Planning and execution: The session starts with introductory meeting along with dinner. Erez will stress being on time. Almost on all days, there was no delay. The entire group was fun to be with. I loved the food in this trip. Every dinner had a surprise waiting. We had 2 seats / person and this was very critical for comfortable long drives. The day is packed enough that we enjoy shooting all day.
This is one trip where you get what’s been promised and Erez always exceeded my expectation. Overall, I will give 4.9/5 for this trip. I am cutting down 0.1 since I did not see a northern light which is beyond Erez Marom’s control. I strongly recommend ‘Winter Paradise’ to explore northern Iceland. I am going to be his return customer and planning to participate in ‘Northern Spirits’ workshop in 2015.

Submitted by Shanmugam Sriraman (India) in April, 2014

Erez Marom’s Land of Ice photography workshop in January of 2014 was everything it was described to be and more. Each detail of the workshop from transportation to lodging to shooting schedule was clearly thought through and well executed. Even contingency plans were well defined allowing the group to quickly navigate through changes in the plan due to inclement weather or suboptimal shooting conditions.
With respect to instruction and guidance, the group was comprised of photographers from amateur to seasoned professional and Erez was able to communicate effectively with and provide guidance to all of them. Further, the lodging choices were well chosen, providing common areas for the group to congregate in during off-hours. This gave the group the opportunity to discuss the day’s shoot, compare results and evaluate and critique each others work. This was an invaluable learning opportunity for many.
In all, Erez was able to combine stunning locations with stress-free logistics and a fun atmosphere. I consider the workshop a complete success and one that I would eagerly repeat.

Submitted by Matthew Moniz (USA) in April, 2014

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your ‘Land of Ice’ and ‘Winter Paradise’ tours that I joined in Iceland earlier this year.
‘Land of Ice’ was an eye opening experience in every way. Every place we visited was amazing, and you picked all of the hotspots I wanted to visit along the southern coastline. Even though the weather was against us, everyone got some amazing shots. The ice caves had to be my favorite, but only marginally over every other location. All of the accommodation was perfect, very well picked, and the food was top notch. What a fantastic package to see Southern Iceland.
After a short break I was really looking forward to ‘Winter Paradise’ and seeing what the north had to offer… It did not disappoint in any way! After about 3 hours out of Reykjavik, you truly are in a different world. Every day seemed to be better than the last, and I was just in constant awe of the beauty that Iceland had to offer. The morning after a Super Jeep ride, and walking over the rise to see Aldeyjarfoss covered in snow I will never forget, and every word to try and describe the experience I had seems to fall short. The accommodation was wonderful again, accompanied with great food. Winter Paradise is really the only way to sum this place up.
The co-guides (Iurie for ‘Land of Ice’ & Arnar for ‘Winter Paradise’) were great, and there was always someone willing to help out or answer any questions. The bus was spacious and had plenty of room for all our gear (2 seats each is the way to travel for sure), and the driver, Þórður always had a story to tell and made the tour that little bit more enjoyable… you managed to gather a great team.
Back in my day to day shooting, I now focus a lot more on getting the composition right, and the tips on improving my workflow and editing were invaluable, so thank you again.
All in all, I was very sad to leave Iceland as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I did come away with so many new friends from all corners of the globe, along with a wealth of new knowledge thanks to also sharing ideas and editing tips with all the other photographers as well.
I look forward to catching up and if not beforehand, I will see you on another tour in the near future.

Submitted by Ian Spagnolo (Australia) in April, 2014

This was the first photography workshop of my life and after this experience I can tell that it will not be the last. Organization throughout the week was perfect, food was always excellent and so were the hotel accommodations and, most important, under the dedicated guidance of Erez and Iurie I really feel I improved a lot in my photographic skills. We visited amazing places like Myrdalsjökull or Crystal Cave that you will hardly know they exist without taking part of a workshop like this. This was an unbelievable and unforgettable week spent with great and super friendly people. Thanks again guys for the good memories and tons of pictures I took back home.

Submitted by Lorenzo Riva (Switzerland) in April, 2014

Apart from Erez’s photographic skills, he proved to be an excellent tour leader, with exceptional attention to details. Always cheerful, and obliging, it was never a problem to talk to him about any aspects of the Iceland tour. Having two seats per person on the bus was a great idea, which was appreciated by all concerned. The clothing suggestions for Iceland conditions were spot-on, particularly the suggested boots and spikes we wore almost every day. The itinerary was very good, and if the weather had been more cooperative, I think the times we had in each location would have been just right. The minor criticism is that there needs to be some sort of contingency plan in place to allow for some alternative activities on really bad weather days. I can thoroughly recommend Erez as an honest, and caring tour leader, who has the clients needs as a top priority.

Submitted by Geoff Ross (Australia) in April, 2014