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Erez Marom Photography

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  • River of Colors

  • Caño Cristales, Colombia

  • It's not easy getting to Caño Cristales. A 3-hour bus drive preceded a day's stay in Villavicencio, after the flight was cancelled due to the most insane rain I'd ever seen. Then a scary flight in what I'd best describe as a "flying bus" to La Macarena, a small village in the middle of the Colombian Jungle, then finding a guide to take us there, then a 20 minute boat-ride, 30 minute car ride and 30 minute walk just to get to the river. But this is no ordinary stream. Hailed as the world's most beautiful river, and called "the river of seven colors", Caño Cristales is definitely a natural wonder. For a limited time each year, the river floor is covered with red algae, turning it into a rare spectacle indeed. Add to this the tens of waterfalls, each more beautiful then the other, and the clearest, most amazing water I'd ever seen, and reach the conclusion that this is a must-visit place, inspite of all the hardship.

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