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Erez Marom Photography

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  • Darkened Lands

  • Lago Cuesta del Viento, San Juan, Argentina

  • The unique thing about the 2019 total solar eclipse was that it appeared very low in the sky (10 degrees above the horizon) - only 1 hour before sunset where I was shooting. This allowed me to include the actual landscape and shoot a near-far composition in a natural way.
    I took the shot in lake Cuesta Del Viento in San Juan province, western Argentina. The banks of the lake are full of marvelous badlands, with a myriad of shapes and colors. Some were quite frightening to climb, but eventually I found a composition I liked and prepared to shoot the eclipse. After pinning down the closeup, I had to quickly adjust the parameters to the sudden darkness, and took this 2-image focus stack.

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