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Erez Marom Photography

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  • Black Hole Sun

  • Lago Cuesta del Viento, San Juan, Argentina

  • The bulk of the July 2019 I did with my friend Ian was spent in the Argentinean Puna (high-altitude desert), but it was an appetizer for the main course: the total solar eclipse on July 2nd. 
    This was my first eclipse, and it was a very special one, being very low in the sky (10 degrees at an hour before sunset). This enabled me to shoot it in several ways, which I'll reveal soon. But here's the first shot: a 600mm (with 1.6X crop), full frame closeup of the corona. 
    This is really what it looked like with the naked eye. A stunning sight that left even the most experienced traveler lost for words. The symmetry and eeriness of it were absolutely mind boggling.

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