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Erez Marom Photography

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  • After the Chase

  • Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama

  • Oophaga pumilio (more commonly known as Dendrobates pumilio) or “strawberry poison-dart frog”, Bastimentos morph. I had to chase this frog for about two hours just to get some decent shots. I kept placing it gently on leaves or a branch with a shooting angle - and it just kept jumping away, usually about 1-2 seconds before I pressed the shutter!! Keep in mind this was in terrible hot and humid weather, in the middle of a damp, muddy jungle with zero wind and tons of mosquitoes and you`ll get an idea of what I had to go through to be loyal to my principals and shoot only wild animals. I do think just seeing this incredible animal in the wild was worth it all, and I came back with a big smile on my face :-)

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